Two Surveys. One System.

Measure culture and personality through the same story-based framework.

Organizational culture is complex. The first step is understanding what type of culture exists. And then, how leaders, teams, and individuals are impacting that shared experience. To address culture effectively, you need to look at it from all sides.

Start with awareness

With cultural awareness, groups and individuals can begin to understand the impact of culture on the success of organizations and the people within them. They can more easily identify the behaviors that enable them to meet goals and create positive outcomes; or, they can highlight concerns and shift away from undesired results.

CultureTalk customers use their results to:

  • Create a positive future vision for themselves and their organization
  • Discover, define, and maintain a compelling brand or public identity
  • Attract and engage employees that are a fit for their culture
  • Build more effective communication strategies
  • Measure leadership styles and uncover necessary shifts
  • Identify and plan for generational differences in the workforce
  • Facilitate growth initiatives with greater ease


How does culture impact an organization? Download our white paper.

“CultureTalk has helped us to define the commonalities of our three merged cultures in an objective way and given us a singular language to discuss our aspirations as we roll out our strategic plan.”

Vice President of Design & Expertise

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