“The CultureTalk process was fascinating and understanding our profile has been profound. The Hero, Innocent and Magician nailed who we are and what we’re all about. People love the new name (Amazing Brains) — it gives them hope — which is the message I want to send.”

Nicole McGuffin, Founder, Amazing Brains

What people are saying about CultureTalk

“You can’t tell your story until you figure out who you are, why you exist, and how the culture of your company connects with others. The CultureTalk System gave us the research, the guidance, and the facilitation to uncover the richness we needed.”

Leadership Saratoga

“Our team is very pleased with our CultureTalk outcomes. The amazing accuracy of the tool helped us understand a lot more about each other. This insight enables us to work together more skillfully, effectively and with greater sensitivity.”

Pres., Saratoga Co. Prosperity Partnership

“What I appreciated about that CultureTalk process was the internal reflection and how understanding our Archetypes guided the process. If you find the essence of your culture and work from that viewpoint, whatever you create will be authentic and stand the test of time.”

President, Walking Mountains

“It was really collaborative and fun! We got our entire company involved! What we learned through the CultureTalk survey is that the traits, the personality, and the heart and soul of the company is really living and breathing throughout our entire organization.”

President, DSC

“CultureTalk has helped us to define the commonalities of our three merged cultures in an objective way and given us a singular language to discuss our aspirations as we roll out our strategic plan.”

EYP Architecture & Engineering

“Using the CultureTalk Survey was a super fun process. Our entire team was involved and everybody had some say in it. Learning about our Archetypes was very validating for us — it gave us a way to talk, a way to present ourselves, a way to tell our story.”

Founder, Unique Venues

“Our Archetypal profile has become the foundation of everything we do. Frankly, I can’t imagine how we functioned before. The way we communicate, build partnerships, even pick what to put on the top of our newsletter – it’s all become dramatically more authentic.”

Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce

“CultureTalk has made us stronger individuals, stronger leaders, and a stronger team. Management is working succinctly, job candidates are a better fit, and customers keep saying, “You all seem so much happier.”

Three Group

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