Sage Archetype

Sage Archetype

Sages support every endeavor to learn. Because, the more you know, the better off we’ll all be.

To know is to grow.

Research, measure, and test, then study, revise, and teach – Sages are methodical and objective. They’re the smartest ones in the room and likely have time, history, and proven strategies on their side.

Books, conferences, and lunch and learns are the highlights of a Sage culture. They will always bring a well thought-out method to the table and you can guarantee they’ll be able to prove their results.

However awkward this potential “nerd” culture may be, they cherish keeping everyone on the team, from the top desk to every desk, informed.

Other Sages

The Smithsonian, Mayo Clinic, Rosetta Stone, Harvard


Are you a Sage?

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