Revolutionary Archetype

Revolutionary Archetype

Cultures with the Revolutionary Archetype do things radically differently, on purpose.

Conventions were made to be broken.

Weed through the clutter and challenge the status quo. Revolutionary organizations were born to break things, making way for creative breakthroughs that can bring true industry-changing innovation.

Like MTV’s videos or a crew of Harley Davidson riders, Revolutionaries stand up for what they believe in so we can all break away from what’s conventional.

But, just like that biker rolling down the highway, the Revolutionary attitude can be jarring. Their passion for breaking things may push us forward, but the risk involved might cause them to lose a couple friends.

Other Revolutionaries

Greenpeace, E*TRADE, Uber, Netflix


Are you a Revolutionary?

Building a better life? Don’t let anything stand in your way. Learn your primary drivers and stay ahead of the curve.

Solve organizational culture challenges.

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Find meaning in your life and career.

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    Kathleen Fyfe Leadership Saratoga
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