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Live a more meaningful life through Archetypes.

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The 12 Archetypes of CultureTalk

CultureTalk has made us stronger individuals, stronger leaders, and a stronger team. Management is working succinctly, job candidates are a better fit, and customers keep saying, “You all seem so much happier.”


Get to Know Yourself

Insights that Transform

Knowing your Archetypes gives insight into your inherited, recurring patterns. This awareness about which storylines you are living (and the understanding that others are living their own stories) is the first step. It can shine a light on your potential, provide direction in life choices and allow you to develop under-utilized strengths.

Align with your values

Bring clarity and consistency to your decisions

Improve communication

Understand how you are heard and play to your strengths

Resolve conflict

Know where tension tends to arise and adapt your behavior

Strengthen relationships

Emphasize connections and appreciate differences

Create a fulfilling career path

Find a good-fit culture and role that ignite your passion

Live with intention

Discover how to evolve to the best version of yourself

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.
— Carl Jung

A Personality Test for Discovering Your Archetypes

How it works

CultureTalk for Individuals is an online personality assessment that includes 72-statements for you to evaluate based on your perceptions and beliefs. Best approached with your gut-reactions, the questions take about 15-minutes to complete.

Immediately upon completion, you will receive an online version of your report, which can also be downloaded as a PDF. The report includes:

  • Your score across all 12 Archetypes
  • An in-depth profile of your Primary Archetype
  • Your Archetype in Relationship
  • Your Archetype at Work
  • An Overview of your top Two Supporting with a link to their full reports
  • An Overview of your Latent Archetype

Sign-up for first access to the CultureTalk Survey for Individuals

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