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Uncover purpose, engage teams and build brands that thrive with Archetypes.


Meet the CultureTalk Survey System

CultureTalk provides a simple, yet powerful framework for measuring the behavioral characteristics of corporate culture. Presented through human stories we call Archetypes; the results of a CultureTalk Assessment identify the strengths and potential pitfalls of an existing culture and reveal gaps that exist between the company’s vision and reality.

These insights provide organizations with a common understanding and an actionable blueprint for transformation and growth.

Culture & Change Initiatives

Identify pain points, focus efforts and find your flow

Mergers & Acquisitions

Are your two cultures aligned – or do you need to adapt?

Branding & Employment Brand

Cultivate and communicate a brand story that resonates

Recruiting & Retention

Attract and retain employees that are a cultural-fit

Leadership Development

Play from your strengths and power your potential

Employee Engagement

Create experiences that inspire commitment


  • Measure and Refine Culture

    CultureTalk has helped us to define the commonalities of our three merged cultures in an objective way and given us a singular language to discuss our aspirations as we roll out our strategic plan.

    Leila Kamal, EYP
  • Engage Employees

    It was really collaborative and fun! We got our entire company involved! What we learned through the CultureTalk survey is that the traits, the personality, and the heart and soul of the company is really living and breathing throughout our entire organization.  

    Kathy Fort Carty, DSC
  • Align Leaders and Teams

    CultureTalk has made us stronger individuals, stronger leaders, and a stronger team. Management is working succinctly, job candidates are a better fit, and customers keep saying, “You all seem so much happier.”    

    Steve Kantscheidt, Three Group
  • Build Enduring Brands

    What I appreciated about that CultureTalk process was the internal reflection and how understanding our Archetypes guided the branding process. If you find the essence of your culture and work from that viewpoint, whatever you create will be authentic and stand the test of time.

    Markian Feduschak, Walking Mountains

Archetypes: A Human Framework

The famous Swiss psychotherapist, Carl Jung introduced the concept of ‘Archetypes’ noting that these universal stories manifest both on a personal level and collectively, as characteristics of whole cultures. Like a story where we all know the ending, Archetypes help us meet on the same page with a resounding, “Oh, I understand.”

High Impact Results

Unlike employment surveys that capture a snapshot in time, the CultureTalk survey is designed to run deeper, identifying the enduring themes that tie together the history and future of your organization. Even as your organization evolves, your Archetypes can provide common language and inspiration.

  • Lead from your strengths and bring out the best in your team.
  • Develop strategies for optimizing communications and relationships.
  • Build career paths and evaluate performance based on Archetypal attributes.
  • Motivate and move teams forward around a shared vision.

  • Articulate what makes a company unique.
  • Create a brand story that expresses deepest values.
  • Align messages and strategies to attract like-minded clients.
  • Facilitate growth that is aligned with vision.

  • Attract, develop and retain for cultural fit.
  • Create an authentic employment brand.
  • Identify gaps and hiring opportunities that round out teams.
  • Align Archetypal attributes with job descriptions and career paths.

  • Strengthen commitments.
  • Recognize unique perspectives.
  • Create a spirit that reflects diverse personalities.
  • Enhance collaboration and success.

  • Identify your career personality and right fit roles.
  • Design a professional development path.
  • Optimize communications and relationships.
  • Make positive contributions to the collective culture.

How It Works. What You Get.

CultureTalk is an online survey, flexibly designed for large and small groups.

  1. Survey your entire team—or choose a representative sample.
  2. Add demographic questions if you want to compare scores across departments, locations, role or other factors.
  3. All participants will receive a unique link to the online survey, but results can be recorded anonymously.
  4. The survey takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete.
  5. The CultureTalk for Organizations Survey Report includes:
  • An Overview of Organizational Culture and Archetypes
  • Your Organization’s Unique Archetypal Profile
  • Write-ups on all 12 Archetypes
  • Instructions on How to Validate and Interpret your Results
  • Ideas about How to Apply your Results Strategic Plans, Culture Shifts, Leadership, Branding, Team Building and More.
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