Magician Archetype

Magician Archetype

Magicians dream bigger, change our perspective, and transform the world.

Making the vision a reality.

“How did you do that?!” The Magician culture dazzles onlookers with grand ventures and a magical ability to accomplish whatever they set their minds to.

At a Magician organization, impossible is only a state of mind. They can transform your image, feelings, or perspective on just about anything. The Magician often finds its way into a consultancy, training, or coaching organization as they help clients change their outlooks on life.

Magicians are also masters of the experience. From packaging details to signage and everything in between, every element counts. But, trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat every day can be exhausting, and big expectations can leave employees scrambling to accomplish impossible tasks.

Other Magicians

Disney, MAC Cosmetics, Polaroid, Apple, Dyson


Are you a Magician?

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