Lover Archetype

Lover Archetype

Lovers tap into our senses. They create experiences that build relationships and long-lasting memories.

Connecting deeper.

Think of your most vivid memory. Odds are, it involves a rich combination of senses and emotions. Lovers aim to elevate our experiences. They inspire us to say, “It’s the way it makes me feel.”

Their ability to tap into a multi-dimensional experience is commonly carried throughout the retail, hospitality, tourism and entertainment industries with fans of all varieties. But Lovers aren’t all about romance, nor are the exclusively feminine. Instead, they’re a perfect mix of James Bond, Moët & Chandon, and Condé Nast Traveler.

Lovers do tend to put money into expensive ventures and may rely too much on flattery to feel successful…so it can’t hurt to help them keep track of their gossip or their wallet.

Other Lovers

Zagat, W Hotel, eHarmony, Tiffany & Co., Häagen-Dazs


Are you a Lover?

The best way to connect with others is with understanding. Dig into your Archetypal pattern and share your results with your tribe!

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