Innocent Archetype

Innocent Archetype

Exemplars of optimism, Innocents serve the glass half full with a side of kindness and simplicity.

Life as it should be.

Ice cold lemonade from a corner stand, a baby’s first smile, or diving into a mountain lake. Some moments in life can only be described with one word: perfect. The Innocent culture helps people find sanctuary, peace, and happiness.

Every cloud has a silver lining. Tomorrow is only a day away. Don’t worry, be happy! Innocent cultures often train new workers or young employees, easing them into the tough realities of the real world. They help people learn the ropes, overcome faults, and provide a tranquil space to work and play.

Innocents are the exemplars of optimism. Through simple acts of kindness or a trusting smile, they are consistent and unpretentious. But, sometimes the glass isn’t always half full, and the Innocent may need a reality check to keep business moving.

Other Innocents

Tumblr, Annie’s Homegrown, Method, The Honest Company, Wegmans, Coca-Cola


Are you Innocent?

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