Hero Archetype

Hero Archetype

With discipline and focus, Heroes inspire us to be bigger, braver, and stronger.

Bring it on.

We all have one. Some are disguised as Spider-Man. Others, like Gandhi, prefer to come as they are. Often, they fight for the underdog, a story that resonates across continents and cultures.

Walk into a Hero organization and you’ll be sure to see “Employee of the Month” awards or people praising one another for giving it their all. Motivational pep talks and sports analogies are likely to keep teams fighting the competition. Like putting on your Nike gear, the Hero gives you the confidence to say, “Just do it.”

Hero cultures are highly productive, disciplined, and focused. They’re the champions of courage, inspiring us all to be a little braver. But, their mentality to work harder when times are tough can lead to burn-out, stress, or aggressive behaviors.

Other Heroes

U.S. Army, Nike, PayPal, Doctors Without Borders, Mothers Against Drunk Driving


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