Explorer Archetype

Explorer Archetype

Free to set their own agenda, Explorer cultures are adventure seekers that keep everyone focused on the horizon.

Let me be free.

The top of a mountain. The edge of a cliff. Winning the pitch for your brand new startup. Explorers go where no man or woman has gone before.

Explorer cultures are determined to get us to step out of life and into living. Independent, self-directed, and at the forefront of theory and practice, they’re inherently non-conformist. With a childlike enthusiasm for what’s new, they often are, or act, like the youngest one in the room.

Like the lone ranger, however, the Explorer culture may have a habit of alienating themselves because they can’t seem to settle down. But, need someone to help you trek a new trail? You’ll want the Explorer by your side.

Other Explorers

PBS, Patagonia, Starbucks, NASA, Boy Scouts of America, National Geographic


Are you an Explorer?

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