Creator Archetype

Creator Archetype

Creators use inventive foresight to mold the world of possibilities into a stunning work of art.

Pairing art with science.

Writers, designers, architects, musicians, and even mechanical engineers – there’s a special culture out there where people have the innate ability to build, present and perform. Creator cultures wow and amaze us with their skills for developing products that are equally beautiful and functional.

Of every music note possible, they combine just the right ones in harmony. Of every word, every mechanical piece, they find fluidity and order. They trust the creative process because they have the imagination to see it through.

But, don’t confuse all Creators with the starving artist; these cultures are masters at effectiveness and persuasion. But, every Archetype has a shadow side and the Creator is likely to get stuck in a cycle of perfectionism…bogged down by their own frustration.

Other Creators

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Are you a Creator?

The possibilities are exciting…which one is the best reflection of you? Find your primary Archetype, as well as your cast of supporting characters.

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