Caregiver Archetype

Caregiver Archetype

Like a long-lost friend, Caregiver cultures are an oasis of comfort in a bustling world.

Making people a priority.

Expert mentors and passionate defenders, these organizations and teams are the first ones to lend a hand, an ear, or a shoulder.

The Caregiver culture will often model maternal or paternal patterns. They want to see their employees and customers learn and grow and they’ll support them unconditionally. However, they also know that sometimes people need to learn their own lessons, so don’t be surprised if they carry you just far enough to let you jump out of the nest.

Caregiver cultures are responsive, consistent, and trustworthy. They’re strongest when they are acting as a mentor for employees or clients. However, dependency, martyrdom, and sleepless nights from caring too much may signal a Caregiver shadow side.

Other Caregivers

Dove, Amnesty International, Allstate Insurance


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